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SummitCorps 2011 Event Recap

Jul 29

A Lasting Legacy

How many youth can say that they have left a legacy to those that follow? Not many. But the Arrowmen that worked at SummitCorps in some capacity have done just that. Some historical facts about SummitCorps for the record book:

      • SummitCorps 2011 hosted 1404 Arrowmen, for most their first time to West Virginia. The farthest distance traveled was an Order of the Arrow member traveling from Taiwan.
      • 4200 non-perishable meals were given by the Order to two local organizations that provide community meals and food giveaways. Each meal was valued at $6 each making this a $25,000 donation from the Order of the Arrow to organizations in the community.
      • 5,600 pounds of food was donated to Pinehaven Homeless Shelter, located in Beckley, WV.
      • During the second week of the project, a Bake Sale was held to raise money for a local 911 dispatcher who serves the National Park Service. Arrowmen raised more than $1000 in two hours to help defray the dispatcher's medical costs.
      • The 1404 Arrowmen performed volunteer service supporting and constructing public trails at New River Gorge National River for a total of 78,544 hours. This month-long project is valued at more than $1.6 million by the National Park Service.
      • Of course the focus of the project: All of the more than 12 miles of the stacked loop trails in Craig Branch were completed.
      • Each of the 4 weeks sponsored a patch auction, which netted $15,358 in total. All proceeds from the auctions were donated to area organizations including the Mt. Hope Children’s Health Council, the Youth Museum of Southern West Virginia, Just for Kids, Inc, (a child advocacy center), the Burlington United Methodist Children’s Home, the Women’s Resource Center, Brian’s Safehouse, and Three Rivers Avian Center, an animal shelter for endangered wild birds.

Arrowmen have a lot to be proud of, and can proudly take their friends and family to West Virginia, point, and say... "I did that".